What equipment is included?

 1 – Audio Mixer
1 – screen
1 – high lumen projector
1- high-wattage sound system
4 to 6 speakers
1 – Audio Mixer
1 – DVD/VHS player
all travel costs
set-up and removal of all equipment
1-2 projectionist

What is your rain policy?

In the event that your cinema event is cancelled or postponed due to weather, we will help you reschedule your event for a day that is suitable for you.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes, we do require that a contract be signed by all parties.  This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations.  Our contacts are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual client, however please click here (PDF) for an example of our agreement.

How much advance notice do you require for bookings?

Ideally you should reserve your event at least two weeks in advance in order to get the date you want. The most popular day are Fridays and Saturdays so you should plan further ahead for a weekend event so that we can accommodate you.

What do your rental rates cover?

Your rate includes rental of our state of the art screen, sound system including microphone, two event staff and up to three total hours of projection time. Every hour past the standard three hours are billed at $100 an hour.

Do you offer special rates for non-profits or cities?

Yes. Please contact us. High volume clients also get customized rates depending on volume.

Are your screens only available for movies?

Not at all. Although our screens are primarily used to exhibit movies we frequently rent them for non cinema events such as religious festivals, video game contests and corporate presentations.

Can your screens and sound systems be rented for indoor use as well?

Absolutely. Our screens and sound system can be assembled for both indoor and outdoor viewing.

How big is the screen?

There are two options available concerning screen size.  They range from 12’x9′ and 16’x9′, however please remember:  The larger the screen the more expense the event.

Do the movies come with Public Performance rights?

In order to show a movie outdoors, on a large screen to a viewing audience, you must ensure that your movie is equipped with public performance rights. Criterion Pictures is the copyright holder to more than 18,000 feature films, ranging from 1920 classics to pre-release titles.  Our movies available in both French and English and many of our titles are also available in airline edited format. Please note, any movie rented, borrowed or purchased from a retail outlet is likely for home use only.  These titles cannot be shown in public without first acquiring public performance rights.
For more information, please visit:  Frequently Asked Questions on Public Performance